Monday, February 13, 2012


A chasm of time has passed since I updated this blog. Entire lifetimes, it seems.

It is now 2012. My father has passed away. I have returned to New Orleans.

Today, I am terribly lovesick for the past. It's ridiculous; I find myself almost driven to tears by it, like I used to when I was a younger woman, when I felt love tear at me like a bird of prey. I haven't been in deep, serious love in many, many years. It was so painful. But so unutterably joyful too. I feel a pinch of it today--enough to redden my cheeks and to plant a bed of violets in my gut and feel them blooming inside me with a flutter and a spark.

Mama's got the lovesick blues.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Makes Me Really Like People

Sweet thing of the day:

People helped this robot find its way across NYC.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Karate Kids!

I wouldn't want to meet any of these kids in a dark alley. Especially that little blonde chick. She has hate in her eyes.

Love Me!

Isn't that how we all feel?

Somebody's Sick of You

And your shit...

Public School Ruined My Life

And the actual basement of a public school in Williamsburg. WTF happened down there? And why was it just LEFT like that?

Housewife Hatin'

Catching up on a bunch of old graffiti photos I took ages ago and just haven't put up. So some are from xmas time, even.

The Housewives of Orange County got some choice treatment from NYC subway scribblers.